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Branding is how the entire world sees you.

Every experience your clients have, is a reflection of your brand & business.


A brand goes far beyond a well designed, & memorable logo.


Your brand identity is the way you define your business to yourself, external audiences, and your employees. It's how the world sees you. It embodies the core of what your business is and what you value. It’s your tagline, your advertising messaging, your store signage, your employee uniforms, the interior design of your office, the way your customer service team interacts with potential clients, and so much more.


The steps below illustrate a successful branding lifecycle, and should also clarify on common misconceptions about terminologies and definitions.



This is the first step. An effective logo is the initial part of a successful brand. It’s a graphic element that succinctly and quickly identifies a company. It is a visually memorable representation of a product, service, company, or individual. Keep it simple and don't get bogged down by clutter, less is more.
• icon
• symbol
• wordmark
• emblem
• logotype
• illustration
Logos we all know: simple and effective
Big Logos.jpg


A corporate identity is the BIG IDEA of all the visual and sensual aspects of a company.  A corporate identity addresses all potential impressions made by a company, and is driven by a style guide, which defines how all aspects of the corporate identity should be implemented. The style guide ensures that a companies manner, tone, look and feel is consistent with the established corporate identity, and supports the brand. 
• logo design
• stationary
• print collateral
• brochures
• direct mail
• website design
• email
• signage
• social media
• catalog design
• magazine layout
• billboard design
• display advertising
• product concepts
• product dev
• packaging design
• corporate apparel
• vehicle graphics
Successful Identity is about consistency
brand identity.jpg


Your brand is your complete image. Again, it's how the world sees you. Every experience a person has with your company, product or service, is a reflection of your brand. It’s what people will think of when they see your logo. Your brand is the public’s perception of the personality of your business entity. 
• public perception
• stationary
• electronic media
• advertising
• print collateral
• product design
• packaging
• signage
Branding reflects through a global lens
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